Muscle Gain Meal Plan

Muscle Gain Meal Plan

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Size 5 meals

High calorie and protein meals designed to build lean muscle mass. This meal plan is designed to help customers gain lean muscle mass while avoiding the fat gain. Combining high calorie and high protein meals ensures your body has the correct nutrients to build muscle. Don't worry about the meal prep or macro counting, we have it covered. Have your meal plan delivered to your front door. 

Select your desired quantity of meals for the week and follow the steps to customise your meal plan. Purchase as a one-off or subscribe and save!

Consider a muscle gaining meal plan if you're looking to bulk up. Our carefully curated meals are rich in protein and nutrients, providing the fuel your body needs to support muscle growth and strength gains.

Discover the significance of a high carb and high protein diet through our specialised meal plans.

Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommended

These are perfect fit for a busy lifestyle, heat, eat, train and repeat.
Loving the True Macro meals and recommend for anyone wanting delicious meals and convenience. Easy as pick up just down from work also, A+++ team!

Thank you for your continuous support Tommy! We appreciate your feedback!


These meals are amazing 🤩 soooo delicious + healthy and make my life way easier!! Literally game changer!

We are so happy to have you and your fiancé apart of the True Macro team! Welcome and thank you Jess!

Brad Wang

Healthy, tasty food. Very filling. Delivered on time. Highly recommend.
Thanks heaps

Thank you for your review Brad!