All our meals arrive fresh and are never frozen. You can however freeze our meals and consume at a later date.

Our meals have a 7-10 day shelf life in the fridge. If you wish to extended them, we suggest you freeze the meals. All meals have a use by date sticker.

You can reheat our meals in the microwave in its plastic container. Simply pull back the plastic film slightly and reheat for 2 minutes. Or you can empty the contents of the prepackaged meal in a fry pan and heat. 


Yes! Simply click on the menu tab at the top of the screen and select which meals you would like to add to your cart.

Browse through our single meal menu or select a meal plan and choose your preferences accordingly. Once you are ready to finish your transaction, head over to the checkout symbol in the top right corner and complete your purchase. 

Yes. There is a $60.00 min spend per order.


All orders will arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday. Place an order before 3pm Wednesday and receive your meals the following week.

We are unable to deliver rural at this current time due to the meals needing to be chilled for a longer period. This is something we are working on and hope we can provide soon. Ordering to a rural address is at your own risk.

No, you don't. All orders are sent with 'authority to leave', therefore your courier driver can leave your meals in a safe place. However, if your delivery address can be confusing, please leave detailed delivery instructions for your driver.

You can change your delivery address/delivery timeframe by emailing and our team can update this for you. 

However, you will need to ensure you email us before your order is sent with your new details as, unfortunately, we are unable to make changes after this time. 

Please do not "re-direct" your order via NZ post as this adds an extra delay to your order and runs at your own risk.

Please keep an eye on your delivery notifications, to ensure you can be there to avoid your meals sitting outside. Due to the packaging, meals may only last up to 4 hours outside of the fridge.

If for some reason your order does not arrive, please contact us directly. We will do our best to provide the an alternative solution, however once the parcel is sent, the package is out of our control.

Subscription orders

All subscription orders are sent Monday for Tuesday delivery to ensure our subscribers have priority of meals in stock.

Once you have selected to set up a subscription order, you will receive your first order on your selected delivery day and each week after that you will receive the same order without having to manually reorder your meals.

Payments come out Wednesday.

You will need to log into your account and you can manually edit your order via the settings option. You can edit anything you would like - address, credit card details, ordered items, delivery dates etc. 

If your payment fails your order will not be processed and we will send you an email notification. We will then reattempt to take payment from your nominated credit card the following day. 

If you payment fails after 2 attempts, your account will automatically close. 

Please log into your account in the top corner and manage your account from there.

If you would like to cancel your recurring order that has already been processed you need to email true.macros and our team will help you further. 

Canceling/deleting your recurring order via your online account only cancels your next scheduled order and does not cancel the order that has already been processed.  

There are no cancellation fee's if you can cancel you order before your next pay cycle. 

If your order has already been processed and you request a refund due to change of mind, abrupt cancellation reasons (ie. you didn't think you made a recurring account - please note an account can only be made if you manually select this option yourself), or unforeseen circumstances occur, you can either move your order to different date or get a store credit for your sale.