Calorie Conscious Meal Plan

Calorie Conscious Meal Plan

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Size 5 meals

Our low calorie meal plan provides sustainable calories and macronutrients when combined with regular training. This meal plan is lower in calories but high in protein, perfectly complimenting your weight goals. All meals are less than 500 calories

No need to compromise taste for health and enjoy our delicious pre-made meals made with fresh and local ingredients. Have your meal plan delivered to your door. 


Select your desired quantity of meals for the week and follow the steps to customise your meal plan. Purchase as a one-off or subscribe and save!

A low-calorie meal plan could be the perfect fit for you if you're aiming to shed pounds. By providing nourishing, flavorful meals with controlled calories, it supports your weight loss journey without sacrificing taste or satisfaction

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Te Teira
Thanks for giving me some time back!!

Legit stoked with the meals and the time it has saved me. I'm so busy working full time and solo parenting while baby Dad is rostered away, cooking a meal for one is so demotivating. If it weren't for these meals I seriously wouldn't be bothered eating at all. Super super yummy, fresh and healthy. I'm a fussy eater and didn't find myself picking and prodding over anything. Will be buying when hubby is rostered away again.. for sure!

Thank you so much Sarah! We are so pleased to hear you are loving the meals!

Georgia McCLung
The best meal service I've had

I was recommended True Macro by a friend. I'm a new mum and my partner works away from home for long stretches. I don't have time to cook for myself in the evenings also some nights I can't be bothered so these meals are just so convenient and handy. They taste really great and I haven't found myself getting sick of them by Thursday like I do other meal services like MFB. I'll be buying every week now.

Thank you so much for your lovely review Georgia!! We are so pleased to have you apart of the TM team and provide nutrition and convenience to you each week.

Pippa C.
Fantastic meals and service

This is great! For someone who lives a very busy life of work travel these are the perfect way to assist with focusing on my health. Never get sick of the meals, and just so quick and easy. Sarah is lovely to deal with. I highly recommend this meal plan!

Thank you Pippa!! We love having you apart of the team.

vanessa masters
Calorie conscious

Nice basic meals and convenient when time is an issue

Ellie A.
Super handy and time saving!

I found True Macro while searching for other options like Woop and Hello Fresh. Really liked their idea and decided to try it out. The meals arrived carefully packed and exactly when they said they would be delivered. The food may not look that appetizing but believe me, it's tasty! Their plans are affordable and there are several options of meals to choose. From now on True Macro will be my go to when I don't have time to cook my own lunches!

Thank you for such lovely feedback Ellie! We are so pleased you enjoy our macro meals.