Sarah Anderson | Founder and CEO

After leaving St Margarets College, Sarah attended the University of Canterbury studying for a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management.

A strong entrepreneur mindset led Sarah to turn her passion for fitness into business by discovering an opportunity in the market. The ability to apply business knowledge learned from small businesses created in her early 20s influenced Sarah to think outside of the box.

Eeva Torvinen | Head chef

Head chef Eeva Torvinen uses techniques developed across her ten years of cooking experience in Finland. Her style of cooking comes from her childhood where she applies Scandinavian cuisine to create simple and clean dishes. The ability to apply tradition and creativity is what gives her dishes unique and wholesome flavors, making her the perfect fit for True Macro.

Dean Van der busse | Personal Trainer

Over five years of fitness training inside and outside of the gym has led Dean to understand the importance nutrition plays on your overall physical and mental goals. Dean's experience and knowledge as a qualified personal trainer allow True Macro to develop optimum macronutrients in every meal concerning fitness levels.